Chinese tales (video)

Mono-channel video. 26 min.

Sponsored by Obra Social Caja Madrid. Generaciones 2009 project grant.

 Identity / Popular Culture / Integration / Social Creativity / Stereotypes

 Video that compiles 13 traditional Chinese tales in Spanish, Basque or Catalan, told by young Chinese people –first generation born in Spain or that arrived in Spain at a very young age.

Draw a soldier (participatory art)

Installation. Relational Art. Draw exercise

Honourable mention. Generaciones 2009 Award, Obra Social Caja Madrid.

Participants were asked to draw the image of the soldier they had in their minds.

Thanks to the drawing, we can check our personal image of a soldier, see how stereotyped or mediated it is and create our own criteria about the military society of our countries.

 The outcome of this participation is translated into 600 drawings, which are a real image of people’s vision (most participants were from Spain) about soldiers.

Free of charge decision Stand (participatory art)

Stand on the street performed by the group Artistasdeguardia (with Lucas Agudelo and Alma Orozco)

Noche en Blanco (White Night) 09. Madrid.

The function of Art vs. Art as spectacle / Consumer Society / Art as social service

During the White Night, we set a stand on the street where we offered a service of making decisions, free of charge. The passers-by could present any personal conflict and we offered them the decision we thought the best, depending on the case. Artistasdeguardia warned about we didn't assume any responsibility over the consequences of those decisions, in case they were put into practice.

We gave the information in forms “properly filled out”.

For the White Nights festival in 2009, the group Artistasdeguardia created the stand “Decisions gratis” (Free decisions).

Scenographies from the inside (photography)

Digital photography, video-projection

 Photography Award by El Cultural from the Journal “El Mundo” 2009.

 Exhibited in the independent space Menosuno in January 2009, Madrid and in Newark, New York commissioned by Infounoneallcentro.

Series of photographs of architectures created by combining different still frames from different movies in a “scale” model. A new cinematic space was created while alternating the sequential narrative of the movies.

Phrase Book (participatory art)

This phrase book collects 100 phrases organized by topics, like: Health, Economy, Politics, Culture, Superstitions and Natural Environment. It is designed for helping you starting a conversation in those uncomfortable moments when we don’t know what to say. It is a compendium of those small talks that we all have in our cultures and that we assume as valid and the truth without questioning them. It is done with a certain irony but also as a mirror of that society of Madrid, 2012, so we could reflect on those topics. It was exhibited as a participatory installation during the exhibition called “La sociedad empática como futuro ideal? Emphatic society as the ideal future? where you were asked to write down and deposit other small talk phrases that you could remember. It was curated by Emma Brasó for Sala de Arte Joven/ sala de arte empático de la Comunidad de Madrid, 2012.

Publitejidos (paper art)

Collected publicity papers delivered on the street, were weaved together (two of the same kind), in such a way that its meaning was nonsense and the information was no longer illegible. Its message is re-codified.

The festival El Globo de Juan invited me to give a workshop of what I called “political crafts”, in Braga, Portugal, 2009. It consisted of teaching the “public-tissue” technique, with ads papers collected in Portugal.

I created the term “political crafts” aimed to be a handmade action carried out in workshops with techniques available for every one. Nevertheless the crafted object doesn’t have to fulfill a practical function (e.g.: a shoe or a bowl), but aims to have “an active nature” which leads us to the reflection of our own socio-political environment.