Free of charge decision Stand (participatory art)

Stand on the street performed by the group Artistasdeguardia (with Lucas Agudelo and Alma Orozco)

Noche en Blanco (White Night) 09. Madrid.

The function of Art vs. Art as spectacle / Consumer Society / Art as social service

During the White Night, we set a stand on the street where we offered a service of making decisions, free of charge. The passers-by could present any personal conflict and we offered them the decision we thought the best, depending on the case. Artistasdeguardia warned about we didn't assume any responsibility over the consequences of those decisions, in case they were put into practice.

We gave the information in forms “properly filled out”.

For the White Nights festival in 2009, the group Artistasdeguardia created the stand “Decisions gratis” (Free decisions).