Phrase Book (participatory art)

This phrase book collects 100 phrases organized by topics, like: Health, Economy, Politics, Culture, Superstitions and Natural Environment. It is designed for helping you starting a conversation in those uncomfortable moments when we don’t know what to say. It is a compendium of those small talks that we all have in our cultures and that we assume as valid and the truth without questioning them. It is done with a certain irony but also as a mirror of that society of Madrid, 2012, so we could reflect on those topics. It was exhibited as a participatory installation during the exhibition called “La sociedad empática como futuro ideal? Emphatic society as the ideal future? where you were asked to write down and deposit other small talk phrases that you could remember. It was curated by Emma Brasó for Sala de Arte Joven/ sala de arte empático de la Comunidad de Madrid, 2012.