Born in Madrid, Spain, Lucia Antonini is a multi-talented artist. She started her career as a visual artist after studying Fine Arts in Madrid, a degree and a master in The Complutense University of Madrid, where she explored different technics as photography, drawing, sculpture.

Between 2004 & 2013, Lucia captured national attention when she received distinctive awards for her work in performance Art, sculpture and photography. Besides being part of many group exhibitions she also worked organizing them, both in the underground scene and for City Councils during her work for the Jose Felix Llopis Art Foundation, specialized in Iberoamerican Art. Her passion for music, had been developing during those years on the side, until she decided to focus on her music skills. In 2009 she formed the indie folk trio “On your Bike” with Clara Megías and Laura Martínez. The group released numerous EP’s that captured the attention of the Spanish media receiving positive reviews. In 2013, Lucia released her first solo album “Anima Di Frontiera”, produced by Alberto Marrodan Thomas, featuring songs in Spanish and Italian. At that moment she decided to go deeper in the language of music. She auditioned for the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston to further develop her technical skills in composition and production and  decided to major in Professional Music. She is also specialized in music scoring for TV and new media. Lucia moved back to Spain in the Summer of 2016, to release her new EP "El jardin secreto" co-produced with Alberto Goicoechea, an expression of the influences she received during her years in Boston where she has been inspired by many of her friends singers-songwriters from Latin America that introduced her to contemporary singer-songwriters  from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Nano Stern, Marta Gomez, Elisabeth Morris, Andrea Echeverria, Pedro Aznar, Natalia Lafourcade, Marisa Montes. Last year, settled down in Valencia, Spain, she produced and released her firs music video of the song "La llamada", a work where she explores the combination of visual Art, dance and music. She is focused on developing her artistic practice both on the musical composition and performance and on the visual arts, aiming to combine both disciplines.